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mediaRelations DAWN KAMERLING
Founder and CEO

At a very young age, Dawn Kamerling's mother asked her what she wanted to do in life. Unflinchingly, the Press House founder/CEO and PR thought leader answered: I want to work in music.

"Everything started because of music. When music was good, it hit me in my soul and I wanted the world to hear it" Dawn says.

Dawn began her professional journey nearly 20 years ago. After spending two years at an esteemed PR firm soaking up the fundamentals, she boldly stepped out on her own driven by the need for more personal and attentive service in the largely impersonal world of publicity. Her beginnings were scrappy. Dawn's office was her apartment floor, and her biggest assets were her swagger, passion, empathy, business savvy, and her intrepid marketing visions. Since the conception of The Press House, Dawn has lent her expertise to several music industry panels, penned articles on publicity and self-promotion, and consulted for several record labels and start-up PR firms. She has also led workshops on how to promote yourself as an artist for CD Baby and The Kaui Music Festival.

Today, the Press House is an acclaimed PR powerhouse with offices in New York, Nashville, and an ever-growing presence in Los Angeles. The Press House has expanded from a music-based boutique PR firm to a full-service company that offers an exciting new lifestyle division- film and restaurant publicity, interactive marketing, and event planning.

"No matter what industry you're working in, marketing comes down to having a vision for the endgame and figuring out the strategy to get there. That's my favorite part of the job" Dawn says.

Today, as a mother of a beautiful little girl, Dawn's family remains her center more than ever. She says: "Being a mother, sister, and a daughter defines me. My family grounds me."

PR Director, New York

As a teenager, Kiva found a welcoming community through promoting and supporting bands she loved. Now, as a gifted publicist, she channels that foundational deep connection with Press House clients alongside years of publicity savvy gleaned from a string of successful campaigns, spanning numerous industries.

"When I was a kid, every Wednesday I would go to the local club and sneak into shows. I felt like an outcast at school, and the bands were non judgmental. They became some of my closest friends" Kiva reveals. "That connection made it personal, and it drove me to spread the word about these bands. And that connection stays with me today, whether I'm working for bands, charities, comedians, or photographers."

Kiva navigates the Press House's diversity with openness and aplomb. "I'm always learning," she says. "But with any new client, you just jump right in and pitch with the same passion and aggressiveness you do all of your other clients. That entails thinking about what they need and making sure they're portrayed in the proper light."

Interestingly, outside of her work with the Press House, Kiva is an accomplished photographer whose work has appeared in major music magazines and on the cover of CDs. Currently she devotes her photography talents to serene nature landscapes. Her photography and residence in bucolic Woodstock provide much needed solace and grounding from the hustle and bustle of a publicist's life.

In conclusion, she says: "Never in a million years did my 15 year-old self think that I would be doing what I am today. That excitement hasn't gone away."

PR Director, Nashville

A Nashville native with already nearly a decade of experience working in different aspects of the music industry, from SiriusXM Radio to artist management, Maria Ivey joined The Press House team in 2010. With passion for the song and a grass roots work ethic, Maria returned home from NYC to open The Press House's Nashville office and get back to the music she loves and grew up with.

Whether it's a debut album or a Grammy winner, Maria brings the same hands-on approach to each campaign, with the creativity, tenacity, and big-picture perspective required to help each artist achieve his or her goals in an ever changing media landscape. "I am essentially a storyteller. Everyday I have the privilege to tell my client's stories and connect them with a listening audience, it's the best job in the world," says Maria.

Maria has also been involved in the launch of The Press House's new lifestyle division, which incorporates film and restaurant publicity, and event planning, into the existing format of music publicity. While the love of music will always be the source of Maria's passion for her work, she has conducted successful press campaigns for the opening of some of Nashville's most popular venues, restaurants, and festivals.

Maria has guest lectured at her alma mater, Belmont University, and has spoken on the PR panel at Folk Alliance International. When not working, you can find her in the garden growing weird varieties of heirloom vegetables. She lives in East Nashville with her husband, 4 chickens and a Labrador Retriever who loves her just a little less than Jesus.

Senior Publicist, Nashville

Originally from Texas, Sarah Frost has been infatuated with music since receiving her first George Strait cassette when she was six years old. After gaining experience in marketing, event production and social media, Sarah decided to move her talents to Nashville in 2014. Immediately she immersed herself in Nashville's entertainment industry, working with The Nashville Film Festival before joining The Press House in August 2015.

With a shared love of music and enthusiasm for the personal attention The Press House dedicates to each client, she complements the team by adding her fixation with meticulous grammar and passion for writing, as well as an OCD-level attention to detail and thoughtfulness to each pitch and press release. Her Instagram feed is often filled with too many photos of her dog, Dolly Parton-Madison, as well as screenshots of whatever Bruce Springsteen/Ryan Adams/James Taylor/Joni Mitchell playlist she's listening to today.

She believes that every client has a story to tell - whether lifestyle brands dedicated to mindful business practices or musicians changing the way listeners see the world with a lyric - and loves helping those stories make their way into the world.

Senior Publicist, Nashville

Growing up in Austin, Ellee Fletcher was raised on the gospel of great songwriters - from Townes Van Zandt to Dylan - inspiring a lifelong passion for music, and the art and many methods of telling a story.

Based in New York, Ellee joins The Press House team with several years of PR experience spanning entertainment, lifestyle, and hospitality. Her work is motivated by the distinctive stories of the individuals she represents, from artists and music festivals to chefs and authors, as well as the common thread - the creative drive - that connects them..

Ellee is also the co-founder of Luck Reunion, a music festival celebrating the evolution of American roots music. In her free time she can be found nurturing her unhealthy obsession with "Yatzy", the Norwegian version of Yahtzee.

Senior Publicist, Denver

This Colorado transplant made his way to the Centennial State with beginnings in the South. Tim was born in North Carolina and moved to Denver at the age of 8. From the beginning, he was engrossed in music; starting violin lessons at the tinder age of four. Tim later found his way into Belmont University, focusing originally on Vocal Performance and then switching to Entertainment Industry Studies. After graduation, he moved to New York City to pursue a career in Public Relations focusing on Entertainment clients.

Tim gained important experience at a large Public Relations firm where he learned what it takes to run a successful PR campaign through constant connection to media contacts as well as his clients. He was tasked with large projects and innovation was encouraged to gain the best coverage. Local, national and international Public Relations have become his wheel house, working on international tours as well as local one-night-only events including guest list maintenance and red carpet planning and execution.

He since has moved back to Denver to enjoy everything the Mile High City has to offer. Tim is passionate about his city and surrounding areas and is looking forward to the anticipated growth and development over the coming years. Tim currently is focusing on tour press management remotely and has aspirations of building The Press House's Denver office to rival New York City, Nashville and Los Angeles.

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