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With over 30 years combined in the live music realm, Dawn Kamerling and Tommy Merrill have seen a strong need for Artists to develop and grow their live show and performance before hitting the road to tour.  Unfortunately, once that goal is reached there is an enormous hole in the market for Artists to attain agents because of their lack of touring history. This is where The Press House comes in. We sit down with each Artist to create a plan that factors in readiness, tour routes as well as a myriad of other factors to book and support the artist on tour. The Press House also manages the tours we book so there is a strong focused show at each stop.

After booking and being part of the end-to-end management of literally thousands of shows over the years, Tommy has seen and experienced what it takes to move forward to attain short and long term goals for the performing artist.  By pairing this wealth of knowledge with The Press House, and their strong project management, marketing and PR, Artists will begin to realize their full growth potential in many areas of the industry.

When working with The Press House and the Artist Development division, the Artist can expect to get a full assessment of the live show, methods of finding new exposure, strategies on growing relationships with other Artists to effectively cross-promote, developing realistic time lines, and keeping the show fresh and exciting. 

Once the Artist's show has reached a point where it is time to move forward, this new division will create short and long term booking strategies, introductions to various venues around New York City and the country, monthly club and performing art center bookings, radius touring, travel booking, specialty bookings, and tour management when needed. Paired with the publicity and new media exposure The Press House can give, or just on it's own, this service is invaluable for artists. 

It's time for the Artist to come first.  With dedicated and realistic approaches, The Press House's new Artist Development/Booking division will truly assist the Artist to reach their full growth potential in the touring market across the country and around the world.



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