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Release Date: Aug 18, 2017
Label: Independent


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May 2, 2017

Emily West To Release Cinematic New EP 'Symphonies'

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Singer, songwriter, and Top 40 recording artist Emily West will release Symphonies this summer, her lush, cinematic EP resembling, according to her, "a dark Disney record." This modern-day noir-pop venture, recorded with producer and co-writer Daniel Tashian, is an attempt to "bring the torch singer back."

In Symphonies, West is our tour guide through landscapes as diverse as lonely French boulevards (“Don’t Ever Go To Paris (When You’re Lonely)”), smoky Tarantino saloons (“Stop Messing With My Heart”), and wistful sunsets over the city of Angels (“Ghosts of Mulholland”).   West slips seamlessly from vocal vamping in her James Bond inspired “Heaven and Back,” with its dark, stealthy fringes and lavish dramatic core, to a confused vulnerability in “Don’t Ever Go to Paris (When You’re Lonely),” with soaring, tender vocals and lyrics full of sarcastic contradictions.  In the title track, “Symphonies,” we retreat into West’s personal reveries, from the intimate to the grandiose.  West simultaneously bursts with the grit and hope of Dorothy in Wizard of Oz and recedes into the monotonous melancholy of Grey Gardens, as sadness-tinged yearning mixes with soaring aspiration. All of these songs have a pleading, reflective quality without giving in to sentimentality.  Instead, there are veins of dark humor and stubborn resilience shot through them like rare metal through stone.  A cinematic tale for the broken hearted sung in the lightest of pinks, Symphonies is a tragi-comic wonderland where tears and laughter, nostalgia and hope, show us the way into West, a place full of familiarity and surprise, a place we won’t soon forget.

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