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May 11, 2018

Singer-songwriter Lydia Luce to Release Full-Length Album 'Azalea'

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There are some artists literally born to make music.  Lydia Luce is such an artist.  Her mother, a gifted organ and piano player, conducted her own symphony orchestra.  Her brother, a cellist.  For Luce, her instrument of choice was viola; later adding guitar to her set of prodigious talents.  By age 13 she was performing with her mother’s South Florida-area orchestra, Ars Flores.

“My mom introduced my brother and me into to a world of classical music and I’m grateful for it,” Luce says.  “It guided my desire to create music of my own.”

She studied at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, Mass., and continued on to a master’s degree in viola performance from University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).  Making her home now in Nashville, Tenn., the folk singer-songwriter finds inspiration in combining her accomplished formal education and plentiful session work as a studio musician with the personal and emotional content of family, love, and life experience.

“The record was written after moving from Los Angeles to Nashville. Some of the songs are reflections of my time out west and the unbelievable nature that I miss,” says Luce.  “I have spent a lot of time in beautiful places with people that I love and my mind often wanders to those memories and relationships.”

Her first EP, The Tides, landed in 2015.  She followed that debut with a finish as finalist in the 2016 Rocky Mountain Folk Fest songwriting competition and hit the road as a fiddle player for Sam Outlaw.  In 2017, Luce graced the stages of Merlefest and Americana Fest, as well touring as an opening artist for singer-songwriter Peter Bradley Adams.  Currently, she is prepping the release of her latest single, “Sausalito,” from her forthcoming LP, collaborating in Nashville with Jordan Lehning and Skylar Wilson.

“This record feels like the fruit of a few discoveries I made last year. I’d put out my first EP and only just started to focus on writing. Last year I started making some sense out of the new tunes,” says Luce.  “Playing strings has been a huge part of my life.  On this album, I got to record viola and guitar on my tunes with people that I truly admire.  I’m very proud of what we’ve created.”

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