Gloria Gaynor


She has achieved global stardom and musical recognition with hit songs in the charts in all four decades.


Dixie Jade

Imagine the country powerhouse and elegance of Shania Twain and Carrie Underwood combined with the tones of Eric Clapton and the bold guitar style of Orianthi all singing with Fleetwood Mac harmonic perfection….
Welcome to Dixie Jade!

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Wood & Wire

It’sbeen seven years now since Wood & Wire sprouted out of the rich musical soil of Austin, Texas. In that time, they’ve written music, recorded albums, and performed at some of the most notable festivals and venues across the country, culminating in a GRAMMY Nomination for their 2018 release “North of Despair” on Blue Corn Music. 

In the often tightly defined genre of bluegrass music, Wood & Wire’s “band-style” ethos are not unheard of. Nor are the elements of song crafting, so often associated with their Texas home, that permeate their sound.That said, what comes out of the Wood & Wire blender is something entirely its own. Tony Kamel — leader singer, guitarist, mover, shaker, and primary songwriter — brings his material to the group in a malleable form, and the results are illimitable.“I think I’m most proud of how we’ve developed our sound together,”says Kamel. “It feels great to step on stage feeling like we’ve really found our ownstyle.”  Continue reading “Wood & Wire”

Morrison Hotel Gallery

Morrison Hotel®Gallery (MHG) was founded in 2001 by former record company executive Peter Blachley, music retail industry professional Richard Horowitz, and legendary music photographer Henry Diltz. In 2012, author, director and photographer Timothy White joined the team, launching an additional West Coast gallery at The Sunset Marquis Hotel in West Hollywood. The partners just launched a new location at Mick Fleetwood’s General Store in Maui, Hawaii. Continue reading “Morrison Hotel Gallery”