Music Biz 2019

Music Biz 2019, powered by the Music Business Association, will return to Music City USA to unite leaders in the commerce, content and creative communities across the globe to discuss the future of the music business and to build relationships that will steer the industry for years to come.

The Liberia Awards

The Libera Awards is the largest Independent music award show in the world. It celebrates the successes of the independent music community, from the artists that create the music to the labels that release and promote it.

Indie Week

The Independent music community will come together from June 17-20 in New York City for A2IM’s Indie Week. A2IM Indie Week is a four-day international conference and networking event aimed at maximizing the global impact of Independent music. Indie Week includes keynotes, panels, receptions, exclusive networking sessions, and much more.

Gloria Gaynor


She has achieved global stardom and musical recognition with hit songs in the charts in all four decades.


Symphonic Distribution

Headquartered in Tampa, Florida and Brooklyn, New York, and, with additional locations in Bogota, Colombia, Denver, Colorado, and Nashville, Tennessee, Symphonic is one of the leading independent music distribution and marketing companies in the industry.

Spread throughout the globe, our team casts a wide net across a multitude of locations, culture, lifestyles, and musical backgrounds. It’s our differences that make us interesting, and our shared belief in Symphonic’s core values that bind us together.

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Livingston Taylor

Livingston Taylor picked up his first guitar at the age of 13, which began a 50-year career that has encompassed performance, songwriting, and teaching. Born in Boston and raised in North Carolina, Livingston is the fourth child in a very musical family that includes Alex, James, Kate, and Hugh. Livingston recorded his first record at the age of 18 and has continued to create well crafted, introspective, and original songs that have earned him listeners worldwide.

From top-40 hits “I Will Be in Love with You” and “I’ll Come Running,” to “I Can Dream of You” and “Boatman,” the last two recorded by his brother James, Livingston’s creative output has continued unabated. His musical knowledge has inspired a varied repertoire, and he is equally at home with a range of musical genres—folk, pop, gospel, jazz—and from upbeat storytelling and touching ballads to full orchestra performances.

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Allison Lupton

Lupton is an award winning singer-songwriter with a voice as clear as a country stream. She performs self-penned and traditional songs with sensitivity and grace while adding an extra dimension to her stage presence through her virtuoso flute playing.

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Wood & Wire

It’sbeen seven years now since Wood & Wire sprouted out of the rich musical soil of Austin, Texas. In that time, they’ve written music, recorded albums, and performed at some of the most notable festivals and venues across the country, culminating in a GRAMMY Nomination for their 2018 release “North of Despair” on Blue Corn Music. 

In the often tightly defined genre of bluegrass music, Wood & Wire’s “band-style” ethos are not unheard of. Nor are the elements of song crafting, so often associated with their Texas home, that permeate their sound.That said, what comes out of the Wood & Wire blender is something entirely its own. Tony Kamel — leader singer, guitarist, mover, shaker, and primary songwriter — brings his material to the group in a malleable form, and the results are illimitable.“I think I’m most proud of how we’ve developed our sound together,”says Kamel. “It feels great to step on stage feeling like we’ve really found our ownstyle.”  Continue reading “Wood & Wire”

Cashavelly Morrison

Cashavelly Morrison has experienced a lot since the release of her first highly-acclaimed alt-country album, The Kingdom Belongs to a Child, back in 2015. On a personal note, she gave birth to her daughter. On a more global scale, she watched the 2016 and election of Donald Trump play out amidst the protests of the #MeToo, Black Lives Matter, and March for Our Lives movements. As working musicians and the parents of two young children, all of these events weighed heavily on the minds of Morrison and her husband, guitarist/banjo player Ryan MacLeod, as they crafted the music and message of Hunger, her newest album set for release on November 2nd, 2018. Continue reading “Cashavelly Morrison”

The Joy Formidable

Today, The Joy Formidable release their highly-anticipated fourth album, AAARTH . Recorded in their mobile studio while travelling the world, the album has received critical acclaim from The A.V. Club Consequence of Sound Guitar World ,Paste , BBC’s Radio 1, and Billboard , who dubbed the record, “art that is both evocative and earnest.” The band recently wrapped a tour with the Foo Fighters and will depart on a North American tour in mid-October. AAARTH is available on a myriad of formats, including digital, CD,vinyl, and an extremely limited box set available exclusively through The Joy Formidable’s AAA Music Club , a unique annual subscription that offers fan bonus items and access to 10 extra tracks; fans can purchase the album today at the band’s website  Amazon Spotify , and Apple Music .

The Joy Formidable is comprised of Ritzy Bryan (lead vocals, guitars), Rhydian Dafydd (bass, backing vocals) and Matt Thomas (drums, percussion). Formed in North Wales 10 years ago, each album they’ve released has been a joyful adventure and reflection of their fearless, creative discovery and self evolution. The critically-adored trio has always refused to be fenced in or fit

in — that restless and boundless artistic journey continues on their forthcoming album, an arresting and unapologetic tour de force that finds a band at its apex with no sign of getting comfortable.

AAARTH follows 2016’s Hitch, which was critically-acclaimed by Pitchfork, The Guardian, Stereogum, L.A. Weekly, SPIN, and Clash . The forthcoming record marks a transformative, near-psychedelic rebirth that channels long-held anger, soundtracking a chaotic global period of injustice and division, setting it against a deeply poignant backdrop of personal experiences and healing. Bryan explains, “With life not always being that kind, you can either go down a really dark hole or you can smear yourself with colour and reverie and try to forget. That’s what we did withAAARTH ; we threw ourselves into this beautiful vivacious collage of experimentation, real meets unreal, and stopped giving a fuck about things that didn’t matter, and started caring more about the things that are worth your time.”

The album came into being in their mobile recording studio as the band traveled the globe, evident in the music that intertwines the whispering hills of Wales with the otherworldly rainbow canyons of the Utah/Arizona border. Uniting the personal with the mythical and symbolic, Bryan says, “We’ve definitely made a colourful, mystical collage with this record, partly because of our surroundings. Those multi-coloured sunsets & the primeval elements of nature in the Southwest – it’s emboldened our imaginations in the songwriting and the production. I love stories and seeing symbolism and meaning change with different cultures and interpretations. I see it in my lyrics, a lot of the imagery plays on being ambivalent because I’m often expressing a lot of things at once. That’s true of the title; it falls somewhere between a scream, an exaltation, a play on words, and then this motif of the bear (“arth” in Welsh) that spiritually represents strength, wisdom & healing.”

That symbolism reveals itself in the album title, as well as the imaginative, bright cover art, designed by Fernando Chamarelli. Similarly, each track is meticulously weaved into the next, layers peeling to reveal a renewed and re-energized beast, AAARTH .

As the opening poem of the limited edition boxset reads:

“And as the day approached us,

We let go of our night clothes,

The Cicada took them back to the moon,

And our skins burnt Joyfully

Now we said,