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David Grier

January 30, 2019

Acclaimed Guitarist David Grier readies ‘Ways of The World’ for March 29 Release

Backed by All-Star Cast, Grier Brings to Life 10 Original Songs and Two Fiddle Tune Classics

NASHVILLE, Tenn., — January 30, 2019 — David Grier is pleased to announce his new full-length album, Ways Of The World , due for release on March 29, 2019 . Hosted on Grier’s label, Dreadnought Recordings, and co-produced with Brent Truitt (The SteelDrivers) , the project unveils ten original songs penned by Grier as well as two century-old fiddle tunes that are revived with a new twist. This is also the first album to feature Grier on lead vocals. The world-class musicians joining Grier on Ways Of The World include Stuart Duncan Tim O’Brien Bryan Sutton, Maura O’Connell Mike Compton, Justin Moses , Dennis Crouch, Shad Cobb, Casey Campbell, John Gardner, Andrea Zonn, Jeff Taylor, Rod McGaha, and Cory Walker.

Named one of the “Artists of the Decade” by Acoustic Guitar Magazine, Grier is a master of the six-string, capable of exploring both the roots of bluegrass music as well as the progressive branches that add innovation and flavor to the genre.

In creating Ways Of The World , Grier showcases his talent and ability to allow his artistic muse to flow freely with his warm and worldly-wise original songs. ‘She’s Gone,’ co-written with Tim O’Brien , has an upbeat feel from the first notes, as Grier and company tell the tale of a love gone wrong. Transitioning, the rollicking shake-off-a-love-gone-bad groove of ‘Dead Flowers,’ showcases the co-writing talents of Ashleigh Caudill.

Grier’s work on Ways Of The World spawned from improvisational creativity rather than lengthy rehearsals, showcasing his undoubtable musical prowess. “You have to be open to discovering new things and when I record an album, I never have everything figured out beforehand,” said Grier. “Before I go into the studio, I just practice playing the guitar itself so that when I go in to record, if I get an idea, I am able to do it on the spot and it will pop out. I will be ready to play and improvise. I like to leave room for something spontaneous.”

The songs on the album range in influence from the title cut, featuring heavenly harmony vocals by Zonn, to the innovative waltz ‘Farewell To Redboots,’ enhanced by the sweet trumpet playing of McGaha, to the wonderful Celtic sounds of ‘She Came From The Mountains,’ which showcases the acclaimed Irish singer Maura O’Connell. The instrumental songs found on the album include ‘The Curmudgeon’s Gait,’ ‘Everybody Loves Crazy/Til Crazy Loves You,’ and ‘Waiting On Daddy’s Money.’ Standards ‘Billy In The Lowground’ and ‘Salt Creek’ also get the Grier treatment.

Track Listing:

  1. Ways of The World – w/ Andrea Zonn
  2. The Curmudgeon’s Gait – w/ Justin Moses
  3. Dust Bowl Dream – w/ Tim O’Brien
  4. Farewell To Redboots
  5. She’s Gone – w/ Shad Cobb & Mike Compton
  6. Everybody Loves Crazy / Til Crazy Loves You – Medley
  7. Billy In The Lowground
  8. Dead Flowers – w/ Shad Cobb
  9. Waiting On Daddy’s Money
  10. Crossing Salt Creek / Salt Creek – Medley
  11. She Came From The Mountains – w/ Maura O’Connell
  12. Let’s Think Why

Fellow guitar legend, Tommy Emmanuel describes Ways Of The World as, “beyond beautiful,” complimenting the set on its tone, arrangements and choice of collaborators.

“Your guitar playing is imbued with honey-dripping taste and feeling that I get lost in when I’m listening.” Said Emmanuel to Grier after hearing Ways Of The World , “I know that what you are playing is very difficult, but you make it sound so easy, and that’s remarkable. The authenticity of your music is irresistible and timeless.”