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Wood & Wire

January 11, 2019

Grammy Nominees Wood & Wire Team Up with Danny Barnes For Psychedelic Remix

‘Just Don’t Make ‘Em’ pairs Bluegrass with Electronic Influences

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Katie Keller

NASHVILLE, Tenn., — January 11, 2019 — Seven years after Wood & Wiresprouted out of the rich musical soil of Austin, Texas, the band continues to redefine modern bluegrass, making waves in both the studio and the live music circuit. Their dedication to their craft culminated in a Grammy Nomination for their 2018 release,North of Despair on Blue Corn Music. Today, the band released their latest creative endeavor, a remix of the tune ‘Just Don’t Make ‘Em’ from North of Despair , featuring iconic banjoist Danny Barnes and his fearless creativity as a producer.

”Blending bluegrass with funky electronic influences isn’t something that happens everyday,” popular music critic Jonathan Frahm noted, “but in the hands of an artist like Barnes , the song is given a new life that peacefully coincides with its zippier original arrangement.” [ read more ]

The idea to produce a remix came about a year before the band began tracking forNorth of Despair . “We recorded this slower version of the tune with banjo great Danny Barnes producing,” said Tony Kamel, guitarist and vocalist for the group. “He took it back home with him and remixed it using some beats and samples in a style he’s become known for and cleverly calls ‘barnyard electronics’. Danny is fearless in his approach to creativity.”

Musician, singer, and composer, Barnes’ is widely acknowledged as one of the top banjo players in music today. He has performed and recorded with influential artist like Dave Matthews, Jeff Austin and Bill Frisell, and was awarded the Steve Martin Prize for Excellence in Banjo and Music in 2015.

The tune, ‘Just Don’t Make ‘Em’ was written as an ode to Kamel’s grandfather and his friends, and a piece of property in Llano, TX that Kamel, his father, and brothers, were taught to maintain under the guidance of stubborn old men.

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 The melding of hard country songwriting with high octane bluegrass instrumentation make up Wood & Wire’s signature sound. Tony Kamel (guitar/vocals) Trevor Smith (banjo), Dominic Fisher (bass) and Billy Bright (mandolin) are a culmination of very distinct musical personalities, that all share one ambition: “Our goal is to show up and drive, so that the energy hits you, and it’s undeniable,” says bassist Dom Fisher.

Wood & Wire has developed a solid reputation of giving joyous and heartfelt performances, often described as having the best of both the traditional and progressive sounds, with a unique backbeat influenced by Texas sounds they’ve honed in over the years.

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