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Paula Boggs Band

June 16, 2017

Paula Boggs Band Releases New Single “Benediction”

NEW YORK — June 16, 2017 — Frontwoman Paula Boggs and The Paula Boggs Band are known for their activism and work toward the betterment of both themselves and their community; “Benediction,” their latest single, continues this tradition. The first release from their new album Elixir, pleads for more love in the world, written in the aftermath of the Charleston shooting at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in 2015.

The lyric video for the single premiered today with Atwood Magazine; Boggs explained she wrote the song after the violence at the church in 2015, commonly referred to as Mother Emanuel AME. All proceeds from the single’s release today will go towards the church’s charity.

“Like many two years ago, I was horrified to learn nine members of Charleston’s historic Mother Emanuel AME Church were murdered by a self-styled white supremacist after they welcomed him into their sanctuary for fellowship and prayer,” Boggs said. “In the aftermath, across races, Charleston came together and surviving victims and families of those lost expressed forgiveness. The massacre and what followed inspired me to write ‘Benediction.’”

Boggs is also performing the song with the the church’s choir as part of The Charleston Forum, a discussion for bringing thought leaders together to discuss racial issues in a productive way.

“In the wake of evil Charleston found grace. If Charleston can do this, my hope is other communities can also find paths to more meaningful racial understanding and healing. My hope for ‘Benediction’ is that it serves as an enduring tribute to Charleston’s ‘rising up’ and a catalyst for civil conversation and positive action elsewhere.”

The Paula Boggs Band released their latest EP, Songs of Protest and Hope, in January. The EP was an expression of a concept that Boggs and her band have been thinking a lot about in recent years: what it means to be a citizen-artist, making music that entertains, but also enlightens and inspires. The 11-songElixir, out September 15, will continue the band’s exploration into making statements with their music.

Boggs herself is an Army veteran, who completed a five-year stint as an Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Washington. She also worked as a vice president at Dell and general counsel for Starbucks. Boggs was appointed to the President’s Commission on the Arts and Humanities in 2013.