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Dan Miraldi

July 11, 2017

Singer-Songwriter Dan Miraldi To Release ‘Love Under Fire’

New EP takes a positive spin on resisting the current political climate

NEW YORK — July 11, 2017 — Love Under Fire began as an interruption. Singer-songwriter Dan Miraldi was ready to complete his fourth full-length album; the songs were written and demoed and the first single was released. But then November 9th hit, and his plans changed. He wrote his newest EP as a response to what was happening around him in the US. The collection will be released on September 22.

“The current political climate compelled me to put my typical type of songs temporarily aside and instead write and record Love Under Fire,” Miraldi said. “I wanted to provide modern fight songs to energize people in positive ways and help them resist complacency. We live in an era where it is too easy to tune out, and let indifference and discouragement numb us.”

Musically, the EP is driven by big bone-rattling rock anthems. Lyrically, the singer digs deep and discusses current social and political issues, providing his listeners with six stellar modern protest songs. Love Under Fire’s first single, “The Sweet Sound of Protest,” focuses on anti-fascism. It’s loud and brash, just as a song about such things should be. “No Words” grapples with shootings that have become all-too-normal throughout the US, and the current state of gun legislation. Miraldi makes his stance loud and clear. “Fear is a Powerful Drug” continues along with a journey, venturing through despair and fear and eventually ending with hope. Fear is a powerful drug, but it’s got nothing on love.

The creation of “Name of Love” spans quite a bit of time, originally started when Miraldi was a teenager in Ohio. His music career began in his teens, playing playing Cleveland rock clubs with bands like the Cherry Flavored Elevator and Exit Suburbia. Realizing the same problems that concerned him as a teenager are still relevant — war, religious and political extremism, environmental concerns and guns — he re-recorded the song for the EP.

Miraldi is an NYC-based and Cleveland-born rocker. He released his acclaimed solo album Sugar & Adrenaline in 2012, working with Grammy nominee Dave Douglas (Relient K). After a pair of EPs and another album, on 2015’s Chaos, Destruction & Dancing, Miraldi added modern indie-pop to the gritty rock and retro-flavored power-pop to the mix. The album’s track “Junkie Friend” earned the singer-songwriter his second recognition from the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, as a finalist in the “Best Folk Song” category, following previous recognition for “The Holy Roller Stone Revival”  as a finalist in the “Best Rock Song” in 2010. In the past 10 years, Miraldi has performed at SXSW multiple times, as well as toured throughout the US and Europe, sharing bills with the likes of J. Roddy Walston & the Business, Nelly, Wiz Khalifa, The Wailers, The Wild Feathers, James McCartney, Welshly Arms, Ari Hest and even Wang Chung.

Love Under Fire continues Miraldi’s evolution in music, offering loud rock and roll with tinges of the indie-pop that’s infiltrated his sound. Though the album found Miraldi branching out beyond his comfort zone, he says: “This is not business as usual. This is not the fun-time power-pop-rock album I set out to make. Love Under Fire is the loud rock and roll record I needed to make.”