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The Good Lovelies

February 16, 2018

The Good Lovelies Release Shapeshifters and announce US tour dates in Indiana and Minnesota

Nashville, Tenn. — You hear it a lot these days – the idea that something is greater than the sum of its parts – and yet there’s really no better way to describe the musical essence of the Good Lovelies . Kerri Ough, Sue Passmore, and Caroline Brooks – immensely talented vocalists and songwriters in their own right; however, it’s their voices interwoven in harmony – powerful and pure, organic and inspiring – that elevates the Good Lovelies from impressive to peerless. Their harmonies and songwriting strengths are on full display in their latest album Shapeshifters , released Feb.March 1 – Moorhead, MN – Roland Dille Center for the Arts

9, on which the band will tour the US in March before heading to Australia.

Shapeshifters offers a perfect balance between a more modern production style and the wholesome musical influences that have made them a household name over the years. What’s more, the songs themselves build on the Good Lovelies’ familiar foundation with a widespread appeal. “But that wasn’t really a conscious decision,” Ough admits of the more mainstream leanings of their upcoming album. “We just let each other write and bring ideas to the table and, as usual, went with what was strongest.”

Therein lies another pillar of the Good Lovelies’ charm – songs that are born of singularity but then brought into the collective fold. These are three individuals from different places at different stages of their lives bringing their purest perspectives into a communal setting, and that was particularly emphasized with their most recent collection. “The pre-production sessions this time around were very insular, and that was intentional,” shares Passmore. “It was the three of us in a room, going through all of our ideas together with no distractions. Everything got attention in the collective space, so I think we feel a different kind of ownership over these songs. Everything came through us.”

Both lyrically and musically, the album is very much a snapshot of a specific time in the lives of these three musicians and the group they comprise. “Every time we come around to a new record, there’s an evolution, where we’re all at new points in our individual lives and as a trio,” Passmore says. “But even then, the music on this record has come out of the three of us in a way that it really hasn’t before, and that’s very exciting and reinvigorating.”

Over the course of their decade-plus career, they’ve covered plenty of stylistic ground, adding tinges of pop, roots, jazz, and even hip-hop to their country folk core at various points. The trio first united in 2006 for a one-off performance and has since compiled a catalogue of four studio albums, a pair of EPs, a live album, and Christmas collection. Through it all, the unmistakable sound of their intertwined voices has been the sonic anchor, and that remains true as the Good Lovelies now look to push further into the mainstream with their most accessible and pop-influenced output to date. “Pop isn’t just pop anymore,” muses Brooks. “There are so many different influences and styles and layers working their way into pop music, and I think that’s opened up doors for us, creatively speaking.”

If what happens next goes according to plan, though, the Good Lovelies will see their profile propelled to new heights thanks to a contemplative creative approach and a new spin on the signature sound that’s earned them audiences and accolades the world over. The music, the album, and the trio – all are greater than the sum of their individual parts. Simply, that’s the Good Lovelies.

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On tour:

March 2 – Fergus Falls, MN – Fergus Falls Center for the Arts

March 4 – Grand Rapids, MN – Reif Performing Arts Center

March 5 – Minneapolis, MN – Cedar Cultural Center

March 7 – Indianapolis, IN – Butler University, Schrott Center for the Arts

March 9 – Jasper, IN – The Jasper Arts Center

March 10 – Portland, IN – Arts Place Inc, Hall-Moser Theatre