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Wreck Loose

May 15, 2017

Wreck Loose Creates Quirky Piano-Driven Indie Rock on New Album

NEW YORK — May 15, 2017 — From the first, forceful moment of their debut full-length album, OK, Wreck Loose, Pittsburgh-bred indie band Wreck Loose announce themselves as heirs to the tradition of loud, thoughtful pop rock that dominated AM radio in the 1970s. Set to release on June 16, the band combines a bright piano and analog guitar with lyrics that are both quirky yet introspective, for a sound that remains modern yet consistently steeped in pop music tradition.
Wreck Loose creates punchy piano-based rock, mixing modern tinges of indie with a familiar pop piano to create a unique blend all their own. On OK, Wreck Loose, the band marries big rhythms to off-beat lyrics that are paradoxically epic and vulnerable. Songwriter Max Somerville tells small-scale stories of tragedy and redemption, followed by mountain-high tales that still seem intimate. The album kicks off with “Long Time Listener, First Time Caller,” telling its tale of personal demons and music’s redemptive power. “Carwash” recounts an experience with everyday existentialism and shows off the band’s ability to slow things down, while songs like “Hard Drugs” and “The Day Before The Day Of The Dead” both showcase the band’s talent for unconventional titles and mix strong melodies and hooks with explorations of genre and space.
Though the album is their first full-length record, it is also a follow-up to their 2013 EP Well. The collection broaches many of the subjects Somerville first mentioned back then. He circles back to characters on the ropes, tucked into odd spaces, threatening or at threat. These characters take the place of Somerville himself, offering him the ability to explore his own life with a bit of distance.Formed in 2013, Wreck Loose creates indie rock that defies expectations, but remains resonant and direct. Joining Somerville are bandmates Nathan Zoob on guitar, Derek Krystek on drums and Dave Busch on bass. OK, Wreck Loose represents a year of concentrated effort and creative collaboration, marked by the spirit of discovery that brought them together in the first place.

The band will play a release show for OK, Wreck Loose on June 16 at the James Street Ballroom. They will also tour nationwide in support of the record throughout June and July.