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Wreck Loose

June 15, 2017

Wreck Loose Release Debut Album, ‘OK, Wreck Loose’

Garage rockers offer piano-based garage rock on first full-length album

NEW YORK — June 15, 2017 — Garage rockers Wreck Loose harken back to the thoughtful pop that dominated radio airwaves in the 1970s on their debut full-length album, offering piano-based arrangements, adding an analog guitar and combining with their quirky, introspective lyrics. OK, Wreck Loose releases tomorrow, June 16, and premiered with American Songwriter yesterday.

“Pittsburgh band Wreck Loose write big, bombastic garage rock songs, heavy on piano, multi-part harmonies, and wry personal observations,” the outlet said. “On their debut full-length album OK, Wreck Loose, they combine the sonic aesthetics of the best of classic rock radio with confessional, often humorous lyrics, to an effect that lands the band somewhere between Elton John and early Drive-By Truckers.”

Wreck Loose creates punchy piano-based rock, mixing modern tinges of indie with a familiar pop piano to create a unique blend all their own. On their new album, the band marries big rhythms to off-beat lyrics. Songwriter Max Somerville tells small-scale stories of tragedy and redemption, followed by mountain-high tales that still seem intimate.

OK, Wreck Loose is an album about people that are in your life for just a short while,” Somerville told American Songwriter. “It could be the girl you fall in love with for a week, or the tortured artist whose biography you read on the plane. Their time with you is brief and powerful, but you never get enough. So you fill in the holes with fantasies, doubts, and things you already know to be true. You write songs about them. You write yourself into those songs and somehow you’re with them forever now. The people you spend every day with, the people you love, they shape the way you talk, or laugh, or eat breakfast. But those brief encounters keep you dreaming about the life that’s just around the corner.”

Though the album is their first full-length record, it is also a follow-up to their 2013 EP Well. The album has additionally received praise from Glide Magazine, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh Magazine, and The Big Takeover.

Formed in 2013, Wreck Loose is comprised of Somerville and bandmates Nathan Zoob on guitar, Derek Krystek on drums and Dave Busch on bass. The band will play a release show for OK, Wreck Loose on June 16 at James Street Gastropub & Speakeasy. They will also tour nationwide in support of the record throughout June and July.