Media Relations

From its roots as a boutique PR firm specializing in the music industry, The Press House has expanded into a full-service company that offers services to a diverse array of clients. With years of demonstrated success in boosting media exposure for a talented group of musicians and record labels, we also now leverage those relationships in the film and restaurant industries to achieve the same powerful results. Because of our deep understanding of specific media outlets, we’re able to make connections and position our talent for the most impactful exposure. Those deep relationships are boosted by our skills in state-of-the-art interactive marketing, social media management, and event production. We draw great energy and inspiration from our clients, helping us break boundaries and forge new relationships between them and the media.

Social Media

In this dynamic digital age, a thriving social media presence is a must for every artist, organization, or business. We create viral marketing campaigns that maximize your likes, followers, views, and overall audience. From Twitter to Facebook and Instagram, we build your social branding from the ground up, constantly creating new ways to spark conversation, boost event attendance, and spread the word about projects.

Event Production

For years, we’ve been behind the scenes, planning the hottest restaurant openings, widely-anticipated CD release parties, celebrity-filled red carpets, charity fundraisers, as well as film and music festivals.

We handle everything, including contacting the venues, vendors, celebrities, and sponsors that will help make your even the most talked about one of the year. The Press House works with events and budgets large and small and we take care of every aspect, from the initial planning and media outreach all the way through striking down and cleaning up afterwards.

Past events include: Hollywood Short Film Festival; Kauai Music Festival; Nemo Boston; Tourette Syndrome Rocks: A Benefit for The Tourette Syndrome Association; The Gift: Fundraiser for Pediatric AIDs; Vinas Restaurant Opening (Williamsburg, NY); and SPIN Magazine and Mountain Dew presents: The Kingdom of Ultimate Power screening.

Project Management

While effective PR and marketing are a must for success, so are setting goals and getting results. That’s why The Press House works with our clients to make their dreams into reality.

What would you like to do next? Are you planning a tour, recording a new record, or producing your first film? Are you uncertain about what steps to take or how to get your project in front of the right people? We can work with you and your project to help you set timelines and take the steps necessary to realize your goals.

To bring your project to life, The Press House utilizes our extensive experience in the entertainment industry, as well as our wide-ranging network of contacts in areas such as licensing, publishing, A&R, labels, agents, performance rights organizations, radio promotion, music supervision, production, styling, design, photography, and many more.

Set up your first consultation with us and let’s discuss bringing your next big project to life.